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June 24, 2009 by nick

John AdamsJune 24th, 1759. A 23 year-old John Adams was just starting to practice law under the tutelage of James Putnam. Putnam was the consummate teacher, sending Adams on various tasks and errands, and though he may not understand their purpose at first, once he had completed them he understood the lesson Putnam had intended.

On this day in history, Adams was performing just such a task. He wiped the sweat from his brow, and gripped the spade firmly as he unearthed the coffin of a Puritan off of the Mayflower. Having retrieved three ribs from the body, he returned to Putnam’s legal practice just in time for the lightning storm to resurrect the nightmare construct he had created.

The flesh golem would proceed to become governor of Massachusetts from 1764-1766, and to murder and feast upon 37 colonists, and 14 Royal Marines. The latter killings would lead to his dismissal from the Crown’s Service.

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