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July 27, 2009 by ryan



  1. WAD says:

    So, I was downloading both this podcast and the carollacast this morning, and I realized that clikit or tikit had an “explicit” tag next to it; whereas, Adam’s did NOT. What’s up with that? You guys should get that taken off if you can to maximize your appeal. You know, kind of like how Warner Bros kept the newest Potter flick PG and took out all the best action scenes from the book so they could drag in little kids to maximize their profits.
    Also, your Golden Podcast is coming up! Big number 50. Can we expect an HOUR long cast to commemorate the event?
    Can’t wait to see the T-shirts (although that one with a gorilla head on a black man’s body is probably going to be construed as racist so i probably won’t buy that one).

  2. nick says:

    I know we’ve been thinking of some sort of extravaganza for Episode #50. Don’t want to go too nuts because then when we hit Episode #100 we’d have to do something so extraordinary that it would blow #50 out of the water – and you can see where this insanity is going!

    And we would never lie to our listeners – this is explicit.

  3. Alyssa says:

    David Beckham signed with the LA Galaxy for $250 million dollars over 5 years, supposedly. However, no one really knows how much he really signed for, because I heard that he signed for $350 million for 5 years. Anyway, the MLS is apparently only responsible for $400,000. The rest of it was made up with sales of jerseys, posters, etc. I also had heard that there were plans for a TV show called like “Beckham in America” or something stupid in order to make up for the really high pay check. I think endorsements are pretty much where the rest of the gagillions is made up. He, however, is probably the highest paid athlete in the United States, unless there’s a football player or something that earns more, I don’t really know. Tiger Woods only makes about 112 million a year. That includes winnings and bonuses.

    Beckham is also a huge faggot, but since coming to America he obviously thinks he’s some sort of thug. He was just fined $1,000 the other day (an obvious HUGE dent in the paycheck) for provoking a fan to jump from his seat onto the field. Apparently the fan was angry about Beckham “faking” an injury. I mean, let’s be real. He does have terrible ankles but an ankle injury doesn’t require the amount of time he took off. But if you were coming from England and one of the best club teams in Europe (he had come from Real Madrid), and were offered upwards of $300 mil a for 5 years of sitting around, who wouldn’t take it? The America leagues suck, he’s still a legend, and if nothing else it’s just a chance for him to keep touches on the ball before he heads back over to Europe. Did Americans really think that he would take playing over here SERIOUSLY?! Let’s be real.

    Anyway he apparently played magnificently in Milan and Santiago, the coach, wants him to come back. Soon enough the American league will go back to sucking balls sans Beckham.

    Also, let’s not get into what Landon Donovan said. He and his receding hairline are just upset because they hafta take a backseat to Beckham’s luscious lips and full head of hair.

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