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Listener – We Need Your Help!

July 30, 2009 by nick

I know I received a tremendous amount of help from the listeners in coming up with material for Guess The Gender of the Offender, and while it may see its glorious return some day, we are giving it a temporary break. We do have plans for some new and exciting games in the future, but we’ll need your help. Dropmaster Christian is going to be spearheading a game that I am tentatively calling “Match The Tweet With The Twat.”

The game will be composed of a specific Twitter post from a celebrity, and the contestants will be forced to guess who wrote it from a set of multiple choice answers. So if you find any hilarious, stupid, obnoxious, pretentious, crazy, or bizarre Twitter Posts from any well-known figure, please send it to Christian’s new email address: [email protected]

Please include the name of the celebrity, and – if you feel like it – potential multiple choices. We’re looking forward to this game taking off, and thanks again for listening.


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