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Former Guest Becomes Famous As Direct Result of Clikit or Tikit

September 18, 2009 by nick

Despite the fact that this performance was several years ago, predating the show, Mike would never have gotten this huge gig if it weren’t for us. Check it out – if you squint your eyes and cock your head to the side, he kind of looks like Bruce Campbell!

Here you can find a July 2007th Comedy Performance and of course his infamous Stolen Jokes bit. While the episodes have been sparse lately, the laughs just keep coming.


  1. Critelli says:

    This is absolutely hilarious stuff! Keep it coming!

  2. xoxCritellifan69xox says:

    Nothings finer than your diner.

  3. gay says:

    critelli you’re so gay
    you huge fag you’re a bad lay
    i’ll see you sometime by the bay

  4. Pete says:

    Oh, gay, that is SO you!

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