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Rejected Law School Applications #1: University of Miami

November 12, 2009 by nick

Every accredited Law School requires a Personal Statement as part of their application for admission. Here at Clikit or Tikit, we have acquired a tome of rejected applications from top law schools around the country, and will post them for your amusement. This one comes to us from Mary Willits of Flint, Michigan. Her hopes of enrolling at University of Miami Law School were crushed when this essay was rejected:

“Two roads diverged in a wood… When Robert Frost wrote these words he did not understand how much they would mean to me. Growing up in Flint, Michigan I learned to appreciate a strong work ethic. Although my family was always financially secure due to my father’s lucrative position as owner of a Little Caesar’s pizza franchise, I grew up with a blue collar mentality. Many of my friends drove really ugly cars that didn’t work very well. But that didn’t stop them. They would save up all of their money to buy car stereos or Nike shoes. This shows that my community gave me a sense of diversity. Diversity is very important to me, because I want to be diverse.

I always worked really hard at my Dad’s pizza restaurant. One week out of every summer my Dad would have me work as a hostess and I would have to find a place for people to sit and sometimes there weren’t enough places to sit – but I had to work hard like my Dad taught me. I would use this really cool system that I invented where I would put colored stickers on a drawing of all the tables where people were sitting. Fat people would get brown stickers!

I have overcome a lot of adversity as well. Sure, I went to a private school after my freshman year in high school, and went to a small private college in Wisconsin, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. At college lots of people smoked a lot of weed, and it was really hard not to. I showed my strength of character by not smoking pot. I only hooked up with like a few guys too. The worst piece of adversity came when I was dressed up for a Halloween party my sophomore year. The party was at a frat house, and I was dressed up as a slutty German beer frau (I believe in international diversity!) and I had these super cute garters on. But at the party I got separated from my friends and wound up doing shots in a room of one of the brothers. Before I knew it I was giving head to like 4 guys. None of them called me back, but my grades didn’t drop at all! I knew that I was worth something even if none of those guys did!

I know how to work really hard, and I am diverse and come from a blue collar community so I think that I could really improve your school. I love the beach, and I love to read – my favorite author is Dan Brown – and I want to be a lawyer. I overcame a lot of hard stuff and the LSAT was really hard, but I am more than just my test scores! Thanks so much for reading this!!”

Three years later, Mary is a manager at her father’s Little Caesar’s in Flint. In her spare time, Mary enjoys battling her crystal meth addiction and cruising the internet for a rich man to take her away to Toronto or, “some other place in Europe.”

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