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December 10, 2009 by nick

In the meantime, here’s a great baseball blog from SomethingAwful poster Crion. It’s written from an Orioles’ perspective, but that shouldn’t discourage you! Fans know the most about their own teams, and in the case of losing teams they often know more about winning teams than their own fans do. Crion knows his stuff. I suppose this isn’t a sports-driven site, but Pete went giddy when I turned him on to FanGraphs so why not?

Good luck to all of our listeners who are taking finals, and if you have a spare minute and want a laugh and some Christmas Cheer I recommend this nonsense. Much like Glenn’s childhood, in this song Christmas decorations were combined with bizarre sexual rituals.

And finally – POLL – Worse Commercial:
T-Mobile Awful Song And Dead Careers?


Horrid Cover of The Beatles Plus Contrived Culturalism!

You decide 2009!

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