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August 17, 2011 by nick

In the beginning, before the Shogun were dominating Japan, the Overlords were dominating women with Fierce Intensity during sexual intercourse. This intensity was spoken under cover for years among women who craved multiple orgasms, men with endurance of machine and an Iron Beam between their legs.

The Overlords had discovered the seceret of Fierce Intensity and kept this to themselves for years as they fulfilled the carnal desires of all the local women. They knew if this secret was ever discovered, all men would be created equal. They entrusted this formula to a young powerful Overlord…Stree.

Stree was a tiger of a man with a body built in the Gods image. Women melted when they saw him in the streets. Stree had a reputation with the ladies as they all knew he possessed the sexual secret of the Overlords. Once he dominated a woman in the bedroom, she morphed into a crazy woman, craving ever more of his sexual steel. The stamina of a horse and the endurance of a machine kept Stree a favorite among the wives of other men.

Eventually, the men who couldn’t keep their women happy, grew enraged with Stree. His Overlord secret was no longer safe. Stree fled his homeland and traveled South to new lands, safer lands. Unfortunately, this was not the case, as his reputation had preceded him as woman all over Japan craved his Fierce Intensity!

And in the night, they attacked!!!

Stree fought like a Warrior as he was outnumber by the men who couldn’t compare their sexual power to the Overlord Fierce Intensity. Before he was attacked, Stree knew he may not survive this onslaught forthcoming. In haste, he scribed the Overlord secret of Fierce Intensity onto a scroll with the following phrase:

Heart of a Lion, Power of a Dragon, Extension of Steel
Man Alone cannot burn a fire this extreme. Use wisely and
With great caution, women crave Fierce Intensity.

For centuries the scroll of Stree Overlord had been lost since the night of Stree’s death until Ho Jun Kim found the scroll in the attic his house in present day, Southern Japan.

Sometimes destiny wins!!!

Ho Jun was a pharmacist and a very successful businessman. In a flurry of curiousity, Ho Jun replicated the Fierce Intensity once controlled by the Overlords of Northern Japan. Within 20 minutes time, Ho Jun Kim could feel the power of the Overlord Fierce Intensity. Immediately, he knew there was a way he could help all men please they’re women. Ho Jun sold the formula to the Mayo Kaisha Pharmacy with one stipulation, they call their new product…Stree Overlord; in memoriam to the protector.

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