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Feeding the ducks

You have entered the ThunderDome that is Clikit or Tikit, forged from molten lead by Pete, Glenn and Nick. Caps Lock is mandatory.

One fateful day in May, three friends in their young twenties realized that their absurd banter, argument, and invective was mildly amusing. On that day, a dream was born. The dream: a near-daily podcast whose subject matter could be anything and everything. Petty competition, unwarranted vitriol, rampant vulgarity, and a little bit of intelligence and wit all abound in this dream-made-reality.

Pete, Glenn, and Nick have an eclectic amalgam of performing and broadcasting experience, through various radio programs, film and theatre projects, and stand up comedy on broadway. Join them as they dissect the bizarre, the frustrating, the euphoric, and the asinine – with hilarious consequences.

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