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June 22, 2009 by nick

An Older Theodore RooseveltIn 1869, June 22nd, a young Teddy Roosevelt was on a hunting trip with his father in upstate New York. The young man who would later become president and avid hunter was accompanied only by his father.

While alone in the woods, they stumbled upon a local tribe of Native American Indians, who had begun to adopt some of the trappings of modernity, but still strove to maintain their traditional way of life. One of the women in the tribe was having difficulty giving birth, and they asked the Roosevelts if they would be able to provide any assistance.

Young Theodore would never forget watching his father washing his hands in a wooden bowl, and boiling water to sanitize it. He never felt as much pride and respect for his father as he did then, nor would he forget the screams of the foreign looking people as they ran from his father’s wrath.

Screaming, “Zounds, Teddy! The fight is in my veins!”, Theodore Roosevelt Senior rampaged through the small village with a cutlass in one hand, and an early prototype for the Colt .45 in the other. None survived.

The Roosevelts then caught several fish, and returned home to New York.

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